UPDATE: Weeks Honey Farm Website Relaunch 2020

Weeks Gourmet is a new line of products designed to satisfy current customer expanding tastes.

Weeks Gourmet has been added to the offerings and the website was streamlined and search has been enhanced. More product development is also underway to expand market share.

In an effort to showcase and separate Weeks Honey Farm from the rest of the Major Honey Manufacturers we underwent a major new design, pricing, distribution and branding plan.

Weeks is unique in the fact that all they need to do is tell the Truth, and keep their process the same as when they began in 1960.

  • Weeks in an American Family Farm, Family Operated and Has Been Since 1960
  • Weeks Honey is All-Natural, Raw, Premium, Unpasteurized, High Quality Honey- Straight From the Hive
  • They don’t add anything to their honey to increase profits, they don’t import any honey, and they only source from American Beekeepers they have had relationships with for 30+ years.

What you get with Weeks Honey Farm is Honest, American Honey that tops almost every expectation in taste and benefits. Their customers are committed to them, because Weeks is committed to honest honey with amazing taste. The Family Name Depends Upon It.

Our design and branding now promotes All-American, All-Natural, Honest Honey From The Family Farm in South Georgia. Weeks has a name that has been trusted in honey since 1960, and you can trust it still.

On top of all that, Weeks Honey Farm’s pricing model is now Direct to Consumer at weekshoneyfarm.com and saving customers 50% Off Retail Pricing. You can’t argue with their quality, or their price.

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