The Can of Corn Club T-Shirt

A local sports enthusiast club dedicated to historical memorabilia and stories of days gone by wanted to create a vintage themed shirt around a drawing they had created years before. After cleaning it up I worked up an Illustrator version and finished it off in Photoshop to give it the final look. I kept much…

FBC Moultrie Rebrand

First Baptist Church Moultrie wanted to get back to its mission, while expanding it’s influence and impact both locally and beyond. They requested a modern look, with easy adaptability across multiple media. The result was a solid, san serif design that incorporated the number 1 into the cross, while at the same moment creating an…

4 Front Medical Group Branding Devlopment

A local group of established healthcare professionals have developed a new medical group and wanted a brand that portrayed a forward thinking ‘ahead of the curve’ image. The end result was a polished yet simple, clean design.

The Journey Project Website

I was awarded the web design project for the start-up of non-profit The Journey Project. The result is a calming and hopeful design that provides information and illustrations for the project. The goal was to encourage and uplift cancer patients.

Logo and brand guide for CodeAlert

CodeAlert is a new Resusitation Solutions company that solves many problems for hospitals and reduces liability while improving patient care. The brand focuses around taking control of chaos. The logo itself is the inverse of the chaos symbol, and focuses on health and order. By taking control of the chaos, this product will save lives….

New Package Designs for HOTTAR®

HOTTAR requested some new package designs for their popular labels to make them on-brand to better represent their new logo and look. Below are the finals. Production images will follow soon in an updated post. All vector designs were created using Adobe Illustrator.

Bautista’s Martial Arts Website Relaunch

This project is about to launch, and is a reboot to increase the ability of the organization to market, sell merchandise, and have better analytics to make better decisions. Comprehensive email marketing will be developed to reinforce SMS and AP marketing. The BMA brand has a stronger presence in the relaunch and more information will…