Weeks Naturals – 4th Quarter Website

A revamped website developed for the holidays to push a more refined and expensive product line. Weeks Naturals (Weeks Honey Farm) is rebranding its product line to showcase the premium taste of an all-natural life.

JEEP Hood Wrap for MIL Service

Clay wanted to commemorate his service in the Air Force and add some more duck-worthiness to his Jeep! Knowing his color scheme and the off-road capacity of this beast named Strato-T I created a pattern and design elements to pay tribute to the vintage aircraft of the past. The checkered pattern, and bomber icons were…

Barber Tucker House

Social Media Campaigns for the Barber-Tucker House on Facebook and Instagram, combined with a revamped Google Business Page have resulted in a dramatic increase in traffic and business. By accentuating the historic natural beauty of the home and reviewing the extraordinary hostess bookings increased and the online reviews and shares doubled.

CCA Website Relaunch 2022

The directive for this relaunch was a cleaner design that focused on SEO and user friendly navigation. The school is also experiencing explosive growth and is launching a capitol campaign that will feed into the website. The end result includes video (provided by a third party), and a dynamic site design that changes with each…

FBC Moultrie

First Baptist Church Moultrie wanted to get back to its mission, while expanding it’s influence and impact both locally and beyond. They requested a modern look, with easy adaptability across multiple media. The result was a solid, san serif design that incorporated the number 1 into the cross, while at the same moment creating an…

4 Front Medical Group

A local group of established healthcare professionals have developed a new medical group and wanted a brand that portrayed a forward thinking ‘ahead of the curve’ image. The end result was a polished yet simple, clean design.

Drew Davis Tennis Academy

Drew Davis is a local tennis guru of sorts. He asked me to help him develop a professional brand for the Tennis Academy he was building. Needless to say, I think the design speaks to his already established skill on the court, and does it with a classic vintage style. I may have to pick…

Code Alert™ Resuscitation Solutions

https://codealertcpr.com/ After completing the branding for the new company launch, their website development was next. Showcasing the problems with the documentation side of emergency care, Code Alert offers the modern solution to aid healthcare professionals as well protect the safety of clients and provide a legal reference for hospitals. This site will expand as the…

The Journey Project Website

I was awarded the web design project for the start-up of non-profit The Journey Project. The result is a calming and hopeful design that provides information and illustrations for the project. The goal was to encourage and uplift cancer patients. https://www.thejourney-project.com/

Chrysalis Aesthetics LLC

ChrysalisAethetics wanted to launch their business venture on the best foot possible. Their amazing technology and knowledge puts them ahead of all other local beauty and wellness centers. Their response only has been huge and they continue to expand and gather more market share. More design and development are scheduled in the future. https://www.facebook.com/chrysalisaestheticsllc

Brand & Guide for CodeAlert

CodeAlert is a new Resusitation Solutions company that solves many problems for hospitals and reduces liability while improving patient care. The brand focuses around taking control of chaos. The logo itself is the inverse of the chaos symbol, and focuses on health and order. By taking control of the chaos, this product will save lives….

HOTTAR® Packaging Design

HOTTAR requested some new package designs for their popular labels to make them on-brand to better represent their new logo and look. Below are the finals. Production images will follow soon in an updated post. All vector designs were created using Adobe Illustrator.

Bigfoot Hiking Company

The client needed a logo and brand that inspired the iconic adventure of hiking the Appalachian Trail and used the legendary Bigfoot to be the star. Several revisions resulted in the imagery below. It will be used in all manner of merchandise from shirts, patches, decals and leather products. This design will also be used…

Mount Olive Baptist Children’s Area

Mount Olive wanted custom PVC directional signs for their children’s department for a new registration and check-in location. These separate signs will be used in conjunction on opposing walls to communicate clearly and quickly the process for checking a child in safely. Install photos will be posted when available. #Adobe #Illustrator #Photoshop

Mount Olive Baptist

SEPTEMBER 2021 Harvest Sunday. An event poster for the promotion of a guest speaker and encouragement to attend a follow-up training session that evening. AUGUST 2021 Welcome Home. An event poster for the largest gathering for the congregation each year. Present and past members gather to fellowship and worship in a reunion setting while also…

Barber Tucker House (Wedding Venue)

The Barber Tucker House came to us wanting to tell everyone about the perfect place for your intimate wedding. Offering a classic, unique, historic Southern setting the BTH permits you to still create the wedding of your dreams. Under the pandemic restrictions, the BTH still allows you to live and dream as big as you…

Gearheadz Garage

The direction given at the start of this project was to make something like the vintage Route 66 style and include gears and wrenches. The overall concept was good, but the common elements needed to be unique due to this being a standard in most garage logos. We worked out several options to finally go…


Hot Tar Incorporated is a maker of fine infused gourmet Habanero sauces, honeys, and vinegar. Their previous branding was very cartoonish, hard to read, and did not relate well to the market they were trying to reach. We are going to reintroduce the brand back the to market and promote newly branded products to a…

The Barber-Tucker House

Multiple Media Formats and Graphics used to generate social sharing and increase exposure while generating new business after the COVID 19. Discounts and promotions were developed to draw the customer to a place of Peace and Calm in the midst of despair and uncertainty. Promotional videos tell real stories and show actual guests enjoying the…

Crosby Family Farm

Branding development for a standing family farm business looking to expand into new markets. The logo is built to inspire a growing future, while paying tribute to a solid past of excellence and quality products from the family business. Packaging and website are also underway.

The Can of Corn Club

A local sports enthusiast club dedicated to historical memorabilia and stories of days gone by wanted to create a vintage themed shirt around a drawing they had created years before. After cleaning it up I worked up an Illustrator version and finished it off in Photoshop to give it the final look. I kept much…