Social Media

  • Barber Tucker House
    Social Media Campaigns for the Barber-Tucker House on Facebook and Instagram, combined with a revamped Google Business Page have resulted in a dramatic increase in traffic and business. By accentuating the historic natural beauty of the home and reviewing the extraordinary hostess bookings increased and the online reviews and shares doubled.
  • Drew Davis Tennis Academy
    Drew Davis is a local tennis guru of sorts. He asked me to help him develop a professional brand for the Tennis Academy he was building. Needless to say, I think the design speaks to his already established skill on the court, and does it with a classic vintage style. I may have to pick…
  • BMA Closed Circuit Television Ads/Media Spots
    Tasked for several quick turnarounds, 2 hours or less on many of them- these high impact ads have been very successful and well received.
  • Chrysalis Aesthetics LLC
    ChrysalisAethetics wanted to launch their business venture on the best foot possible. Their amazing technology and knowledge puts them ahead of all other local beauty and wellness centers. Their response only has been huge and they continue to expand and gather more market share. More design and development are scheduled in the future.
  • Barber Tucker House Valentine’s Day
    Developed using Adobe Spark for Social Media Video Ad. Header for Facebook Page designed in Photoshop. All creative including copy developed in one hour for fast turnaround.
  • Sermon Graphics for Mount Olive
    Slides for a sermon series. Based on the healing power of the Messiah in multiple New Testament occurrences in the Bible. Application in the modern era and how Christ can help heal any situation. Posters and slides designed. Featured in Sermon series online at :
  • The Barber-Tucker House
    Multiple Media Formats and Graphics used to generate social sharing and increase exposure while generating new business after the COVID 19. Discounts and promotions were developed to draw the customer to a place of Peace and Calm in the midst of despair and uncertainty. Promotional videos tell real stories and show actual guests enjoying the…
  • The Barber-Tucker House
    Ted Sauls Creative Brand Marketing continues to exhibit and promote the luxury, and Southern spirit embedded in every aspect of this historic jewel.
  • The Barber-Tucker House
    Full rebranding with a clearer message and more defined logo is making the Historic Bed & Breakfast a fast growing destination for travelers and patrons across the East Coast. Adding Weddings and Events to their calendar has ensured their constant stream of visitors and revenue. Google Business, and Bing Business pages are also updated on…
  • Marketing Results from Google Business and Traditional Print
    After setting up a new Google Business account, and print ads The Barber-Tucker House has been picked up by two major online publications and provided free marketing. Not to mention their impressions on Google and Google Maps have increased drastically in the first 28 days. SOUTHERN LIVING (Free Promotion) GOOGLE BUSINESS PAGE (Free Traffic)…
  • WithArmourâ„¢ Knives
    WithArmour Knives, an international knife maker, and distributor,  just released their new website under my Art Direction and Photography. Check them out!