• The Can of Corn Club
    A local sports enthusiast club dedicated to historical memorabilia and stories of days gone by wanted to create a vintage themed shirt around a drawing they had created years before. After cleaning it up I worked up an Illustrator version and finished it off in Photoshop to give it the final look. I kept much…
  • Thrive -Youth Camp
    The Summer Youth Trip theme was built on living the best life possible promised by Christ. The final design embodies adventure, fun, and a life built on purpose. Built on a two color platform these shirts are retro and have a vintage style, while maintaining reasonable cost.
  • The Journey Project
    A local hospital is preparing an innovative faith based project to help patients deal with difficult transitions and possible end-of-life scenarios. The theme for this project is “The Journey”. I struggled with the visual concept for a while. The first thought was a compass, or a map icon, but all seemed to generic and impersonal….
  • Swartz Home Services
    Swartz is a progressive pro cleaning service that uses modern methods that are superior and less abrasive than traditional ones. Their business model is expanding into interiors and needed an upgrade to convey all their services. Their logo and work van wrap now allows them to reach more clients and command their brand and stand…
  • The Barber-Tucker House
    The Barber-Tucker House is experiencing a revival as an affluent bed and breakfast in the beautiful downtown of Moultrie, Ga. Known as the Jewel of Southwest Georgia, this Victorian home with massive wrap around porch and romantic mossy draped oaks is a perfect retreat from the bustle of modern life. They wanted a shirt designed…
  • HOSS Tools: Seed Tins
    I was tasked  by HOSS Tools to brand their new select Victory Garden Seeds. We wanted to make the product reflect the patriotic and vintage past of the Victory Garden, and portray a high perceived value in overall representation.  We  expect to add more exclusive branding to other products in the future. This branding helps…
  • HOSS Tools: Bag Labels
    HOSS needed consistent look and branding to their line of fertilizers. The final designs bring together elements specific to each product, while at the same using a consistent message for the quality tool and equipment brand. Elements are kept in consistent locations and designed for a quick easy read, not a common feature with most…
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  • SaberWing
    7/20/17 Wrap design is complete for the latest SaberWing Experimental Aircraft. Designed, printed, and wrapped in less than 3 days, this job proves what can happen when you pull your boot straps up and get the job done. They barely had the wings on before this had to be done. It is at the U.S.’s…
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