Print Design

  • Mount Olive Baptist Children’s Area
    Mount Olive wanted custom PVC directional signs for their children’s department for a new registration and check-in location. These separate signs will be used in conjunction on opposing walls to communicate clearly and quickly the process for checking a child in safely. Install photos will be posted when available. #Adobe #Illustrator #Photoshop
  • Mount Olive Baptist
    SEPTEMBER 2021 Harvest Sunday. An event poster for the promotion of a guest speaker and encouragement to attend a follow-up training session that evening. AUGUST 2021 Welcome Home. An event poster for the largest gathering for the congregation each year. Present and past members gather to fellowship and worship in a reunion setting while also…
  • Campaign Tri-fold for Mt Olive
    Mt Olive Baptist Church needed to present the need for a new Social Hall and explain the plan to members in an easy but thorough manner. I took their initial slideshow presentation and consolidated it to be a powerful and compelling message that will cast a vision of what can be and how to get…
  • Barber Tucker House (Wedding Venue)
    The Barber Tucker House came to us wanting to tell everyone about the perfect place for your intimate wedding. Offering a classic, unique, historic Southern setting the BTH permits you to still create the wedding of your dreams. Under the pandemic restrictions, the BTH still allows you to live and dream as big as you…
  • Poster for Martial Arts Tournament
    Bautista Martial Arts Tournament Poster. Photoshop and Illustrator production.
  • Sermon Graphics for Mount Olive
    Slides for a sermon series. Based on the healing power of the Messiah in multiple New Testament occurrences in the Bible. Application in the modern era and how Christ can help heal any situation. Posters and slides designed. Featured in Sermon series online at :
  • Marketing Results from Google Business and Traditional Print
    After setting up a new Google Business account, and print ads The Barber-Tucker House has been picked up by two major online publications and provided free marketing. Not to mention their impressions on Google and Google Maps have increased drastically in the first 28 days. SOUTHERN LIVING (Free Promotion) GOOGLE BUSINESS PAGE (Free Traffic)…
  • The Barber Tucker House ‘Christmas’
    Half Page Newspaper Ad for the famous Barber Tucker Bed and Breakfast in Moultrie, Georgia. Photography, Copy and Layout by Ted Sauls Design. This was a fast turn-a-round, developed within 24 hours. The client was extremely satisfied and happy with the results.  
  • UDC Oversized B2B Postcard Design
    The latest project is in the wraps and ready to make my client some larger sales! They are transitioning to the new logo and branding I helped them develop. See UDC for all your closing sale gifts! #udeserveacookie #tedsauls #b2b #marketing #print #design
  • AWARD- First Place: Non-Traditional Marketing
    I have been privileged to design materials for Weeks Auction Group over the past two years, and today we were awarded a First Place Award with The National Auctioneers Association. My design for their WAG Portfolio Folder won First Place in Non-Traditional Marketing. The folder design included spot varnish (pink notes) as well as custom…
  • 2019 Senior CCHS Packer Soccer
    I just completed the mesh banner designs for the Senior class. Boys and girls both are each individual and unique, but branded equally. Final sizes are 3’x6′. Designed at Whatagraphic!
  • You Deserve A Cookie
    Prospex Promotions hired me to create a new brand model for their company This reboot is the first stage in a new branding strategy aimed at a higher price point market. It showcases a greater perceived value and enables a broader market base.
  • HOSS® Tools
    The guys at HOSS make mean tools, and grow a mean garden to match. Their large working garden display is a beautiful synergy of hard work, perfect vegetables, and aromatic cut flowers. Real men push plows, and HOSS is the only one you need.
  • Blue Holler Bluegrass Band
    I just wrapped up the branding and design for the release of Blue Holler’s newest album. This was a very rewarding project.  Their music is classic, but with a modern twist. It was a blast bringing their style to the visual world. We are already working on the second album concept! Check them out at…
  • Rob Ryan Law
    A formal way for a professional to make the best first impression is still often through the mailbox. When you want to communicate your offerings in a clear and concise way, an experienced designer with marketing talent is always your best option. This brochure updates his logo, but keeps the branding established by his website.
  • The Homestead Box
    Print Advertising for
  • Cover Design: Traditional Cutlery
    I was tasked with all branding elements, typography, and cover layouts, catalog styles and icons, and photo direction. These are just a few select covers from over the years.
  • Large Installations
    8/9/17 Today we began to complete several installation projects at What a Graphic that we have been working on recently. Here are some peeks at what I have been designing. I have been proudly working with Moody Air Force Base on some 4×4 collages and will in the near future begin work on a historic…
  • HOSS Tools®
    UPDATED 12-29-2017 HOSS is about to release their newest Catalog for Spring 2018. This was a complete rebuild and brand update for them and I am proud to have worked with them to progress to the next level of Gardening Supply. Here is a sneak peek! See their website at today! My relationship with…
  • Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America
    One of my most interesting clients to date has been the TLBAA located in the Stockyards of Fort Worth, Texas. When you start advertising the bodily descriptions of these bulls it can be hard to keep a straight face. I loved writing the headlines and every minute of my time spent with these guys.
  • Illustrations Across the Years
    Many of my illustrations were created while employed at The Rome News-Tribune, but I have also worked on illustrating manuals, maps, and illustrated logos since then. (What it Takes…) AWARD WINNING ILLUSTRATION  
  • UNT Gerontology Department
    I began my relationship with UNT Gerontology by developing their internal website. I continued to help them market their program with a unique fold-out brochure that would easily mail.
  • Sea Island® Company
    Besides menus and typography, I also had the more demanding job designing projects for clients and members of the club that ranged from golf hole guides, a CD cover for the corporate logos, invitations to premier events, and even a 4 color calendar, which we printed in house on a two color press! Talk about a…
  • The Rome Braves – The Atlanta Braves’ Minor League Team
    I love baseball! While I was in Rome, Georgia I was able to redesign the Tomahawk Times for the exceptional minor league team. The hardest thing was getting the most up-to-date stats!
  • TXU® Energy
    As Art Director for Warren Douglas Creative Brands Marketing, I oversaw and helped design many of the direct mail pieces for standard customers, and credit code three customers. From the illustrations, to choice of photography, I led the team of designers to create some of the most responsive campaigns TXU had experienced to that date.
  • Mrs. Baird’s Bread®
    As Art Director at Warren Douglas Creative Brands Marketing, I directed and designed several projects for Mrs. Baird’s, a Texas icon. I worked on a variety of projects such as outdoor inflatable advertising devices, campaigns for sweetgoods (The Multipacks Roundup was my idea from concept to completion), the look and feel of the Texas Rangers…
  • Rome Georgia Chamber of Commerce
    While working for Rome-News Tribune, I was tasked with layout and design of the Chamber’s flagship marketing magazine. Together with the Newspaper Editor’s help, we put together one of the strongest tools for drawing new business and professionals to the area. This tool was a valuable asset to the entire community’s growth.    
  • Sea Island®
    The schedule of menus at the 5 star resort of Sea Island®, Ga were very time-sensitive and required high attention to details. These are but a few of the menus I worked with, and several of which I was tasked with creating for special events, or new eating venues. We printed each of these in-house…
  • BTB Marketing
    On multiple occasions I was tasked with presenting United® Cutlery to new distributers by creating original, powerful presentations with data input from the Sales Manager. Here is my favorite, packaged in a slimline aluminum folder. Included were the United Master catalogs which I was the lead designer for the past 5 years.