• Mount Olive Baptist Children’s Area
    Mount Olive wanted custom PVC directional signs for their children’s department for a new registration and check-in location. These separate signs will be used in conjunction on opposing walls to communicate clearly and quickly the process for checking a child in safely. Install photos will be posted when available. #Adobe #Illustrator #Photoshop
  • Mount Olive Baptist
    SEPTEMBER 2021 Harvest Sunday. An event poster for the promotion of a guest speaker and encouragement to attend a follow-up training session that evening. AUGUST 2021 Welcome Home. An event poster for the largest gathering for the congregation each year. Present and past members gather to fellowship and worship in a reunion setting while also…
  • Poster for Martial Arts Tournament
    Bautista Martial Arts Tournament Poster. Photoshop and Illustrator production.
  • 2019 Senior CCHS Packer Soccer
    I just completed the mesh banner designs for the Senior class. Boys and girls both are each individual and unique, but branded equally. Final sizes are 3’x6′. Designed at Whatagraphic!
  • HOSSĀ® Tools
    The guys at HOSS make mean tools, and grow a mean garden to match. Their large working garden display is a beautiful synergy of hard work, perfect vegetables, and aromatic cut flowers. Real men push plows, and HOSS is the only one you need.
  • The Homestead Box
    Print Advertising for thehomesteadbox.com
  • Large Installations
    8/9/17 Today we began to complete several installation projects at What a Graphic that we have been working on recently. Here are some peeks at what I have been designing. I have been proudly working with Moody Air Force Base on some 4×4 collages and will in the near future begin work on a historic…
  • Mrs. Baird’s BreadĀ®
    As Art Director at Warren Douglas Creative Brands Marketing, I directed and designed several projects for Mrs. Baird’s, a Texas icon. I worked on a variety of projects such as outdoor inflatable advertising devices, campaigns for sweetgoods (The Multipacks Roundup was my idea from concept to completion), the look and feel of the Texas Rangers…