HOSS Tools® Catalog and Advertisements

UPDATED 12-29-2017

HOSS is about to release their newest Catalog for Spring 2018. This was a complete rebuild and brand update for them and I am proud to have worked with them to progress to the next level of Gardening Supply. Here is a sneak peek!

See their website at hosstools.com today!

My relationship with Hoss Tools has been a long and exciting one. They are a small but dynamic member of the national drive to grow your own food. Their commitment to American Made quality materials and continued education of their consumer is what makes them amazing at what they do. I have enjoyed helping them build their brand into the success it is today. I have worked with them on catalogs, ads, and just giving marketing advice through the years.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. michele McDaniel says:

    please send me a catalog of your products. my name is John Kendrick 10 Chase st yatesville ga 31097. Thank you.

  2. Lina Binford says:

    Please send me one of your cataloges

  3. Lina E Binford says:

    Please send me one of your catalogues. My name is
    Lina binford
    7941 valley green drive
    Sacramento, ca 95823

  4. Mike Thompson says:

    Please send me a catalog mike Thompson 70 20 north star ft Laramie road Rosberg Ohio 45362

    1. Sorry Mike, I don’t have those on reserve. You will have to contact Travis over at Hoss if they have any left. Hosstools.Com

  5. Paul Mitcheroney says:

    I would like to get a catalog Paul Mitcheroney 40 abbey lane. Canton, Massachusetts 02021

    1. Paul, please contact hosstools.com for assistance.

  6. Bo Welch says:

    Please send me a catalog of your products bo Welch 735 Coweeta lab rd Otto nc 28763

  7. James Honea says:

    Please send me your seed catalog

  8. Sidney Fuller says:

    I have ask for a catlog still

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