Logo Design for the Journey Project

A local hospital is preparing an innovative faith based project to help patients deal with difficult transitions and possible end-of-life scenarios. The theme for this project is “The Journey”. I struggled with the visual concept for a while. The first thought was a compass, or a map icon, but all seemed to generic and impersonal. After struggling with the idea, I thought of a key. Keys are very closely held, and are filled with the imagery of new doors, untapped potential and discovery, passing into a new phase of existence or life path. The idea of personal transition was perfect. My partners in this project wanted to laser or emboss into leather binders the logo, so I immediately wanted it to have high perceived value and class, with an eclectic or well aged feel. I wanted you to be urged to pick up the “book” and read it. It should be the natural human response. This is the final prototype and design. The client was well pleased and the strict design time line was met.

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