Pinefields Plantation’s New Bob White Quail Logo

Pinefields Plantation was established in 1912 and is undergoing a relaunch of their brand. These two variants are useful for a variety of marketing options for this historic Georgia plantation. Created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CC.

HOSS Tools Bag Label Branding Project

HOSS needed consistent look and branding to their line of fertilizers. The final designs bring together elements specific to each product, while at the same using a consistent message for the quality tool and equipment brand. Elements are kept in consistent locations and designed for a quick easy read, not a common feature with most…

Sea Island® Company

Besides menus and typography, I also had the more demanding job designing projects for clients and members of the club that ranged from golf hole guides, a CD cover for the corporate logos, invitations to premier events, and even a 4 color calendar, which we printed in house on a two color press! Talk about a…

Logos & Branding

Perhaps the favorite part of my career has been the concept and development of successful brands. The research and creation involved in creating the identity of a product line or a company is truly exciting and satisfying in every aspect. Each design is the sole property of the registered owner.