Weeks Naturals – 4th Quarter Website

A revamped website developed for the holidays to push a more refined and expensive product line. Weeks Naturals (Weeks Honey Farm) is rebranding its product line to showcase the premium taste of an all-natural life.

CCA Website Relaunch 2022

The directive for this relaunch was a cleaner design that focused on SEO and user friendly navigation. The school is also experiencing explosive growth and is launching a capitol campaign that will feed into the website. The end result includes video (provided by a third party), and a dynamic site design that changes with each…

Code Alert™ Resuscitation Solutions

https://codealertcpr.com/ After completing the branding for the new company launch, their website development was next. Showcasing the problems with the documentation side of emergency care, Code Alert offers the modern solution to aid healthcare professionals as well protect the safety of clients and provide a legal reference for hospitals. This site will expand as the…

The Journey Project Website

I was awarded the web design project for the start-up of non-profit The Journey Project. The result is a calming and hopeful design that provides information and illustrations for the project. The goal was to encourage and uplift cancer patients. https://www.thejourney-project.com/

Bautista’s Martial Arts Website

This project is about to launch, and is a reboot to increase the ability of the organization to market, sell merchandise, and have better analytics to make better decisions. Comprehensive email marketing will be developed to reinforce SMS and AP marketing. The BMA brand has a stronger presence in the relaunch and more information will…

HOT TAR® Rebranding

The final result is fun, established, and a little naughty branding excellence!

The Homestead Box, LLC

The Homestead Box is a web store for traditionalists, survivalists, and all those who yearn for a simpler, safer, natural lifestyle. Tools, gear, gardening and more are the signature of this successful venture. Web design and photography was done by tedsauls.com and continues as needed. thehomesteadbox.com

Weeks Honey Farm, Inc.

Weeks Honey Farm’s Retail Website changes quite often to accommodate new product launches and promotions. The Honey business is a very competitive one, but this All-American Family Farm has been in business since 1960 by providing unapologetic quality where others often sell a lesser product. By going Direct to Consumer they are redefining the market…

Weeks Honey Farm

Ever since 1996, in a stuffy classroom full of art students congregated around a host of computers for a semester of animation and web design, I have been captivated by the world wide web. It is a modern equalizer in business, and makes communication easier than ever, even around the world. Below are some of…