The Journey Project

A local hospital is preparing an innovative faith based project to help patients deal with difficult transitions and possible end-of-life scenarios. The theme for this project is “The Journey”. I struggled with the visual concept for a while. The first thought was a compass, or a map icon, but all seemed to generic and impersonal….

Campaign Tri-fold for Mt Olive

Mt Olive Baptist Church needed to present the need for a new Social Hall and explain the plan to members in an easy but thorough manner. I took their initial slideshow presentation and consolidated it to be a powerful and compelling message that will cast a vision of what can be and how to get…

Barber Tucker House (Wedding Venue)

The Barber Tucker House came to us wanting to tell everyone about the perfect place for your intimate wedding. Offering a classic, unique, historic Southern setting the BTH permits you to still create the wedding of your dreams. Under the pandemic restrictions, the BTH still allows you to live and dream as big as you…

Barber Tucker House Valentine’s Day

Developed using Adobe Spark for Social Media Video Ad. Header for Facebook Page designed in Photoshop. All creative including copy developed in one hour for fast turnaround.

Gearheadz Garage

The direction given at the start of this project was to make something like the vintage Route 66 style and include gears and wrenches. The overall concept was good, but the common elements needed to be unique due to this being a standard in most garage logos. We worked out several options to finally go…


Hot Tar Incorporated is a maker of fine infused gourmet Habanero sauces, honeys, and vinegar. Their previous branding was very cartoonish, hard to read, and did not relate well to the market they were trying to reach. We are going to reintroduce the brand back the to market and promote newly branded products to a…

The Homestead Box, LLC

The Homestead Box is a web store for traditionalists, survivalists, and all those who yearn for a simpler, safer, natural lifestyle. Tools, gear, gardening and more are the signature of this successful venture. Web design and photography was done by and continues as needed.