T-Shirt Design for The Barber-Tucker House, Historic Bed And Breakfast

The Barber-Tucker House is experiencing a revival as an affluent bed and breakfast in the beautiful downtown of Moultrie, Ga. Known as the Jewel of Southwest Georgia, this Victorian home with massive wrap around porch and romantic mossy draped oaks is a perfect retreat from the bustle of modern life. They wanted a shirt designed…

Social Branding for The Barber-Tucker House

Full rebranding with a clearer message and more defined logo is making the Historic Bed & Breakfast a fast growing destination for travelers and patrons across the East Coast. Adding Weddings and Events to their calendar has ensured their constant stream of visitors and revenue. Google Business, and Bing Business pages are also updated on…

Logo for Grayson Legacy Films

Final logo design chosen by the client to be used in their video production and all branding. They desired a very traditional look, but with a very visual representation of their philosophy of passing knowledge from generation to generation and growing upon a firm foundation.

Marketing Results from Google Business and Traditional Print

After setting up a new Google Business account, and print ads The Barber-Tucker House has been picked up by two major online publications and provided free marketing. Not to mention their impressions on Google and Google Maps have increased drastically in the first 28 days. SOUTHERN LIVING (Free Promotion) https://www.southernliving.com/travel/georgia/barber-tucker-house-moultrie-ga?utm_source=facebook.com GOOGLE BUSINESS PAGE (Free Traffic)…

Hattaway Ford Motor Brand Reboot

This prominent dealership wanted a reboot of their business image. The Red Ford logo was preferred by the client because of the Ford Racing division. Classy serif fonts and clean lines provide stability, while at the same time mimic the racing heritage of Ford Motors.

New Actual ‘Brand’

Preview of early stages of an actual cattle style brand logo design for a client. Embellishments will be added after stage one design. More updates to follow.

Christmas at The Barber Tucker House

Half Page Newspaper Ad for the famous Barber Tucker Bed and Breakfast in Moultrie, Georgia. Photography, Copy and Layout by Ted Sauls Design. This was a fast turn-a-round, developed within 24 hours. The client was extremely satisfied and happy with the results.  

Swartzentruber Medical Services LLC Branding

Dr. Gary Swartzentruber needed a logo with a modern medical connotation for his LLC. His instructions were just put an S in a box beside the name. Simple enough, but what made this project special was it had to be completed in 24 hours, including my 8 hours sleep. 😁🙄😵. Needless to say it was…

Weeks Honey Farm Online Campaign

Weeks Honey Farm has been making Honey the old fashioned way since the early 60’s, but has just recently begun an intense social media campaign. I am taking product shots, editing websites, SEO, stores and their social imprints. Their traffic is up over 40% in only a month. An excellent Raw Honey Experience deserves a…